Your no. 1 superpower for a successful life.

Obianuju Ezeanyagu
4 min readDec 27, 2022


A superpower can be likened to a ‘unique value proposition.’

For those in the product development or business field, we might be more familiar with the term ‘unique value proposition.’ It means the element of your product or services that is unique to your business, and customers value you more.

All businesses have a value proposition for their target customers, such as feeling energized for companies selling an energy drink. Amongst all businesses that sell energy drinks, perhaps your energy drink is manufactured using healthier substances. That is the unique value proposition for your business — get energized but stay healthy.

The unique value proposition for a business leads to

✅ Brand love

✅ Customer satisfaction, and

✅ Increased revenue.

So it’s a big deal for every business.

Why am I talking about a ‘unique value proposition’ right now? Because I would like to relate that to your superpower. Your superpower is unique to you. Obviously, you are an individual and not a business entity, but your superpower makes you special and sets you up for success.

“Your superpower makes you special and sets you up for life success.”


Your superpower is to you what a unique value proposition is to a business. Your superpower gets you -

✅ Love and attention from the right people

✅ Self-fulfillment

✅ Income (potentially).

All of these add up to a more successful and fulfilling life. While I understand that people may define life success differently, here I define “Life success” as having a comfortable, happy, and fulfilling life.

Now, what is your superpower? It is your personal story — who you are and all of your experiences wrapped up into a box with a bow.

Everyone has a superpower because everyone has a story.

My superpower is my personal story.

My personal story is everything that has happened to me throughout my life — my good and bad choices, what I look like, my environment, my friends, the family I was born into, and all of the events that have occurred throughout my life. That is my superpower.

My personal story isn’t your superpower, just like yours can never be mine.

Sometimes, I am tempted to look at someone else’s life and think, “If I had their life and their experiences, then my life would be so much better — I would be more successful.”

For example, I would look at a renowned pianist and think, “oh, it is because she had the opportunity to study piano in school that she is successful.”

Another example is when I see another applicant get a job that I applied for, I think, “It is because he had this 1-year internship at Google” or “it is because she attended Harvard University.”

While these factors may have played a significant role in their success indeed, I realized that I did not have the right framing. I often thought because I did not have their experiences, I could not be as successful.

Rather than having feelings of not being adequate, I should be focused on what I can achieve using MY superpower — my experiences and unique qualities.

This is a call to look at YOUR LIFE.

What have I done in the past?

What have I failed at?

Where have I been successful?

Where do I come from?

These experiences are pieces to a puzzle that uniquely positions you for greatness and leads you to the life you want.

I’ll give two examples.

I was unsuccessful with my first UK global talent visa endorsement application. This visa would enable me to relocate to the UK, which has been my desire for a few years. To the glory of God, I was successful at my second attempt. When I shared a brief story on Linkedin about my experience applying for the visa, I was amazed by the response. Over 450 people have indicated an interest in my e-book on the topic. I believe that because I have made two application attempts, I can better guide other applicants on what to do and what mistakes to avoid in their application. My (failed) experience has become my superpower!

Similarly, I recently subscribed to a weekly newsletter by Tim Stoddart. He is an addiction recovery advocate and an entrepreneur who shares insightful content on entrepreneurship and acquiring wealth. There is a growing number of content developers today in the same industry but what stood out for me with Tim was his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction over many years before starting his business (i believe). His addiction story became, for me, his superpower. If he can go from addiction (even a near-death experience) to becoming a serial entrepreneur, I want to learn more from him. I can relate to him more than others with a fancy MBA degree.

The key points of this article are -

  1. Everything you are and has gone through is crucial for your journey ahead
  2. Do not compare others' journeys to yours and think if I had this or that, I could be successful too.
  3. You can make something beautiful out of what you have, and others would love and appreciate you for it.

Begin to channel your superpower today for life success.



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…the disciple whom Jesus loves, a sister, a friend, and a product manager interested in a purpose-driven life.