Walking in my purpose

Obianuju Ezeanyagu
3 min readFeb 25, 2022
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I’m struggling a bit.

People often perceive me to be disciplined and strong-willed but I find that for the things that matter most to me, I tend to struggle with them.

Recently, I wrote an article titled “discovery of purpose” encouraging everyone to “row and pray”. But recently, I haven’t been doing much rowing or praying about what I feel I am “called” to do. Right now, I think I am called to do a couple of things, one of which is to empower and support young people to live out their purpose (I had to take a few seconds to remember this which isn’t a good sign). Let’s just say I have spent more time watching “Friends” on Netflix than I have intentionally working on this purpose/goal recently.

I have had sessions with young women where I have encouraged them to start living out the plans God has for them, but I often find myself slacking.

Instagram post by @GideonVese

So today (24/02/2022), while having breakfast and scrolling Instagram (i know right..), I came across the post above. Great post! It says “Your Destiny awaits your seriousness”. I was immediately motivated as expected after reading a motivational quote and started setting goals in my head. I said to myself, “I am supposed to host a “BeMore” session this month for the young women and write up an article about “Built for purpose” but I haven’t done any of this, I should get back on track”.

But after a few minutes, I thought, maybe I am not the only one struggling and it may help to write about the process, not just “what to do”. So here I am. Letting my few readers know that it is a struggle for me too. As Paul in Romans 7:19 says,

“For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do — this I keep on doing.”

A deeper look

According to Steven Covey in his book: The 7 habits of highly effective people, there are 4 quadrants:

Q1- Urgent/Important: Do this

Q2 -Urgent/not important: Delegate

Q3 - Not urgent/important: Plan

Q4 - Not urgent/not important: Eliminate

Most times, I put off what I really want to do, what I believe would make the most impact in my life and in the life of others (Q3: not urgent/important) to do the things I need to get by today (mostly Q1 and Q2). For me, that’s working on my “9–5” more because there is more work to be done (even though it also seems like the more you do, the more there is to do :-)). Later, when I am through with the “9–5” work, it is time for house activities. Thereafter, feeling exhausted, it is entertainment and scrolling social media till bedtime (this has “Q4” written all over). This is in itself problematic.

The danger of habits

Some habits kill. A bit extreme, but it is true. It takes away from your life (or maybe others’) slowly till you are merely existing. It doesn’t have to be the extreme of smoking or drug addiction. For me, it could be procrastination, “prayerlessness” (not communicating with God), or too much YouTube shorts.

It’s only the beginning

It’s a journey for me, and I thought I’d share the beginning part of my journey with you. The journey of discovering and walking in my purpose, and fulfilling God’s plan for my life. The grace of God is upon me and I will depend on that a bit more, and take steps in faith.

The journey isn’t always easy, but I really believe the life I dream of is on the side of walking in my purpose.



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