5 things I have learned about life and money

Obianuju Ezeanyagu
2 min readNov 28, 2022

Life can be more interesting if you pay more attention. Here are a few things I have learned in 2022 -

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1. People form opinions first based on the person and then their actions

People form views about who you are and what you can achieve even without speaking to you. They take one look at you and imagine your family history and intelligence. Yes, it’s not always the case, but most times, this happens. You may not always be able to control the bias (racial, gender, physical appearance, etc) and you shouldn’t feel like you need to. However, keeping this in mind helps you to navigate those situations where you have some control, and you do want to impress.

2. Awkward conversations often lead to change.

It’s pretty hard having certain conversations. It’s not easy to talk to a stranger about your faith — you ask yourself, does he really care? would it be inappropriate? Also, how do I tell my boss that I am struggling at work — would she see me as incompetent? Does she really care? It could feel awkward to have those conversations at the time, but these brave attempts often lead to change. It is important though to apply wisdom when having such difficult conversations so that even when you are happy about the response, it does not lead to any regret.

3. You are a money manager, be wise!

The money and resources in your care are a gift. Yes, you worked hard but so did millions around the world. You have been kept in charge for the short term to manage these earthly resources and be a blessing to others. To be a wise money manager and an effective steward, you must believe unequivocally that the money being managed is someone else’s money- God’s money.

4. Speak up!

People will expect you to be quiet when what you speak for makes them uncomfortable, or they benefit from what you speak against. Do not take their need to shut you down as a validation that your words are irrelevant.

5. Your attitude will take you places that talent or your money will not.

Two types of attitudes to have — a go-getter and a humble attitude. Have the right attitude to chase your dreams and pursue the things you love despite the challenges around you and that little voice in your head that says “you don’t have what it takes.” Also, be humble. The greatest amongst you must be a servant. Matt 23:11.

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